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B.J. Sytsma*, V. Allain*, S. Bourke, F. Faizee, M. Fathi, R. Berdeaux, L.M.R. Ferreira, J. Brewer, L. Li, F.L. Pan, A.G. Rothrock, W.A. Nyberg, Z. Li, L.H. Wilson, J. Eyquem^, R.S. Pawell^. Scalable intracellular delivery via microfluidic vortex shedding enhances the function of chimeric antigen receptor T-cells. bioRxiv (2024). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding


C.R. Chang, V.S. Vykunta, D.B. Goodman, J.J. Muldoon, W.A. Nyberg, C. Liu, V. Allain, A. Rothrock, C.H. Wang, A. Marson, B.R. Shy, J. Eyquem. Ultra-high efficiency T cell reprogramming at multiple loci with SEED-Selection. bioRxiv (2024).



R. Schmidt*^, C.C. Ward*^, R. Dajani, Z. Armour-Garb, M. Ota, V. Allain, R. Hernandez, M. Layeghi, G. Xing, L. Goudy, D. Dorovskyi, C. Wang, Y.Y. Chen, C.J. Ye, B.R. Shy, L.A. Gilbert, J. Eyquem, J.K. Pritchard, S.E. Dodgson, A. Marson^ Base-editing mutagenesis maps alleles to tune human T cell functions. Nature 625, 805–812 (2024). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding


K. Mandal, G. Wicaksono, C. Yu, J.J. Adams, M.R. Hoopmann, W.C. Temple, A. Izgutdina, B.P. Escobar, M. Gorelik, C.H. Ihling, M.A. Nix, A. Naik, W.H. Xie, J. Hübner, L.A. Rollins, S.M. Reid, E. Ramos, C. Kasap, V. Steri, J.A.C. Serrano, F. Salangsang, P. Phojanakong, M. McMillan, V. Gavallos, A.D. Leavitt, A.C. Logan, C.M. Rooney, J. Eyquem, A. Sinz, B.J. Huang, E. Stieglitz, C.C. Smith, R.L. Moritz, S.S. Sidhu, L. Huang, A.P. Wiita. Structural surfaceomics reveals an AML-specific conformation of integrin β2 as a CAR T cellular therapy target. Nature Cancer 4, 1592–1609 (2023).


C.A. Tsuchida*, N. Brandes*, R. Bueno*, M. Trinidad, T. Mazumder, B. Yu, B. Hwang, C. Chang, J. Liu, Y. Sun, C.R. Hopkins, K.R. Parker, Y. Qi, A.T. Satpathy, E.A. Stadtmauer, J.H.D. Cate, J. Eyquem, J.A. Fraietta, C.H. June, H.Y. Chang, C.J. Ye^, J.A. Doudna^. Mitigation of chromosome loss in clinical CRISPR-Cas9-engineered T cells. Cell 186, 4567–4582.e20 (2023). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


F. Blaeschke, Y.Y. Chen, R. Apathy, B. Daniel, A.Y. Chen, P.A. Chen, K. Sandor, W. Zhang, Z. Li, C.T. Mowery, T.N. Yamamoto, W.A. Nyberg, A. To, R. Yu, R. Bueno, M.C. Kim, R. Schmidt, D.B. Goodman, T. Feuchtinger, J. Eyquem, C.J. Ye, J. Carnevale, A.T. Sathpathy, E. Shifrut, T.L. Roth^, A. Marson^. Modular pooled discovery of synthetic knockin sequences to program durable cell therapies. Cell 186, P4216–4234.E33 (2023). ^Co-corresponding authors


Y. Wu*^, Z. Huang*, Y. Liu*, C.W. Yoon, K. Sun, Y. Situ, P. Ho, Z. Yuan, L. Zhu, J. Eyquem, Y. Zhao, T. Liu, G.A. Kwong, S. Chien, Y. Wang^. Spatiotemporal control of genomics and epigenomics by ultrasound. bioRxiv (2023). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


D.V. Foss*, J.J. Muldoon*, D.N. Nguyen*, D. Carr, S.U. Sahu, J.M. Hunsinger, S.K. Wyman, N. Krishnappa, R. Mendonsa, E.V. Schanzer, B.R. Shy, V.S. Vykunta, V. Allain, Z. Li, A. Marson^, J. Eyquem^, R.C. Wilson^. Peptide-mediated delivery of CRISPR enzymes for the efficient editing of primary human lymphocytesNature Biomedical Engineering 7, 647–660 (2023). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


A. Odak, H. Yuan, J. Feucht, V.A. Cantu, J. Mansilla-Soto, F. Kogel, J. Eyquem, J.K. Everett, F.D. Bushman, C. Leslie, M. Sadelain. Novel extragenic genomic safe harbors for precise therapeutic T cell engineering. Blood 141, 2698–2712 (2023).


W.A. Nyberg*, J. Ark*, A. To, S. Clouden, G. Reeder, J.J. Muldoon, J.-Y. Chung, W.H. Xie, V. Allain, Z. Steinhart, C. Chang, A. Talbot, S. Kim, A. Rosales, L.P. Havlik, H. Pimentel, A. Asokan^, J. Eyquem^. An evolved AAV variant enables efficient genetic engineering of murine T cells. Cell 186, 446–460.e19 (2023). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors



D.B. Goodman*, C.S. Azimi*, K. Kearns, A. Talbot, K. Garakani, J. Garcia, N. Patel, B. Hwang, D. Lee, E. Park, V.S. Vykunta, B.R. Shy, C.J. Ye, J. Eyquem, A. Marson, J.A. Bluestone, K.T. Roybal. Pooled screening of CAR T cells identifies diverse immune signaling domains for next-generation immunotherapies. Science Translational Medicine 14, eabm1463 (2022). *Equal contributions


M.T. Witkowski*^, S. Lee*, E. Wang*, A.K. Lee, A. Talbot, C. Ma, N. Tsopoulidis, J. Brumbaugh, Y. Zhao, K.G. Roberts, S.J. Hogg, S. Nomikou, Y.E. Ghebrechristos, P. Thandapani, C.G. Mullighan, K. Hochedlinger, W. Chen, O. Abdel-Wahab, J. Eyquem, I. Aifantis^. NUDT21 limits CD19 levels through alternative mRNA polyadenylation in B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nature Immunology 23, 1424–1432 (2022). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


J. Carnevale*^, E. Shifrut*^, N. Kale, W.A. Nyberg, F. Blaeschke, Y.Y. Chen, Z. Li, S.P. Bapat, M.E. Diolaiti, P. O’Leary, S. Vedova, J. Belk, B. Daniel, T.L. Roth, S. Bachl, A.A. Anido, B. Prinzing, J. Ibañez-Vega, S. Lange, D. Haydar, M. Luetke-Eversloh, M. Born-Bony, B. Hegde, S. Kogan, T. Feuchtinger, H. Okada, A.T. Satpathy, K. Shannon, S. Gottschalk, J. Eyquem^, G. Krenciute^, A. Ashworth^, A. Marson^. RASA2 ablation in T cells boosts antigen sensitivity and long-term function. Nature 609, 174–182 (2022). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


B.R. Shy*^, V.S. Vykunta*, A. Ha, A. Talbot, T.L. Roth, D.N. Nguyen, W.G. Pfeifer, Y.Y. Chen, F. Blaeschke, E. Shifrut, S. Vedova, M.R. Mamedov, J.-Y. Chung, H. Li, R. Yu, D. Wu, J. Wolf, T.G. Martin, C.E. Castro, L. Ye, J.H. Esensten, J. Eyquem, A. Marson^. High-yield genome engineering in primary cells using a hybrid ssDNA repair template and small-molecule cocktailsNature Biotechnology 41, 521–531 (2023). *Equal contributions, ^Co-corresponding authors


S.J.C. van der Stegen, P.L. Lindenbergh, R.M. Petrovic, H. Xie, M.P. Diop, V. Alexeeva, Y. Shi, J. Mansilla-Soto, M. Hamieh, J. Eyquem, A. Cabriolu, X. Wang, R. Abujarour, T. Lee, R. Clarke, B. Valamehr, M. Themeli, I. Riviere, M. Sadelain. Generation of T-cell-receptor-negative CD8αβ-positive CAR T cells from T-cell-derived induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature Biomedical Engineering 6, 1284–1297 (2022).


I.D. Ferguson, B. Patiño-Escobar, S.T. Tuomivaara, Y.-H.T. Lin, M.A. Nix, K.K. Leung, C. Kasap, E. Ramos, W.N. Vasquez, A. Talbot, M. Hale, A. Naik, A. Kishishita, P. Choudhry, A. Lopez-Girona, W. Miao, S.W. Wong, J.L. Wolf, T.G. Martin III, N. Shah, S. Vandenberg, S. Prakash, L. Besse, C. Driessen, A.D. Posey Jr., R.D. Mullins, J. Eyquem, J.A. Wells, A.P. Wiita. The surfaceome of multiple myeloma cells suggests potential immunotherapeutic strategies and protein markers of drug resistance. Nature Communications 13, 4121 (2022).


W.A. Nyberg, J. Eyquem. Genome editing applications in cancer T cell therapy. Chapter in Genome Editing in Drug Discovery (2022).


J. Mansilla-Soto*,  J. Eyquem*,  S. Haubner,  M. Hamieh,  J. Feucht, N. Paillon, A.E. Zucchetti, Z. Li, M. Sjöstrand, P.L. Lindenbergh, M. Saetersmoen, A. Dobrin,  M. Maurin, A. Iyer, A.G. Angus, M.M. Miele, Z. Zhao, T. Giavridis, S.J.C. van der Stegen , F. Tamzalit, I. Rivière, M. Huse , R.C. Hendrickson, C. Hivroz, M. Sadelain. HLA-independent T cell receptors for targeting tumors with low antigen density. Nature Medicine 28, 345–352 (2022). *Equal contributions



Y.D. Muller, D.P. Nguyen, L.M.R. Ferreira, P. Ho, C. Raffin, R.V.B. Valencia, Z. Congrave-Wilson, T.L. Roth, J. Eyquem, F. Van Gool, A. Marson, L. Perez, J.A. Wells, J.A. Bluestone, Q. Tang. The CD28-transmembrane domain mediates chimeric antigen receptor heterodimerization with CD28. Front Immunol 12:639818 (2021).



M. Hamieh, A. Dobrin, A. Cabriolu, S.J.C. van der Stegen, T. Giavridis, J. Mansilla-Soto, J. Eyquem, Z. Zhao, B.M. Whitlock, M.M. Miele, Z. Li, K.M. Cunanan, M. Huse, R.C. Hendrickson, X. Wang, I. Rivière, M. Sadelain. CAR T cell trogocytosis and cooperative killing regulate tumour antigen escape. Nature 568, 112–116 (2019).


J. Feucht*, J. Sun*, J. Eyquem, Y.-J. Ho, Z. Zhao, J. Leibold, A. Dobrin, A. Cabriolu, M. Hamieh, M. Sadelain. Calibration of CAR activation potential directs alternative T cell fates and therapeutic potency. Nature Medicine 25, 82–88 (2019). *Equal contributions



S. Krebs, A. Ahad, L.M. Carter, J. Eyquem, C. Brand, M. Bell, V. Ponomarev, T. Reiner, C.F. Meares, S. Gottschalk, M. Sadelain, S.M. Larson, W.A. Weber. Antibody with infinite affinity for in vivo tracking of genetically engineered lymphocytes. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 59, 1894–1900 (2018).


C. DeSelm, M.L. Palomba, J. Yahalom, M. Hamieh, J. Eyquem, V.K. Rajasekhar, M. Sadelain. Low-dose radiation conditioning enables CAR T cells to mitigate antigen escape. Molecular Therapy 26, 2542–2552 (2018).


T. Giavridis, S.J.C. van der Stegen, J. Eyquem, M. Hamieh, A. Piersigilli, M. Sadelain. CAR T cell–induced cytokine release syndrome is mediated by macrophages and abated by IL-1 blockade. Nature Medicine 24, 731–738 (2018).



F. Perna, S.H. Berman, R.K. Soni, J. Mansilla-Soto, J. Eyquem, M. Hamieh, R.C. Hendrickson, C.W. Brennan, M. Sadelain. Integrating proteomics and transcriptomics for systematic combinatorial chimeric antigen receptor therapy of AML. Cancer Cell 32, 506–519.e5 (2017).


J. Eyquem*, J. Mansilla-Soto*, T. Giavridis, S.J.C. van der Stegen, M. Hamieh, K.M. Cunanan, A. Odak, M. Gönen, M. Sadelain. Targeting a CAR to the TRAC locus with CRISPR/Cas9 enhances tumour rejection. Nature 543, 113–117 (2017). *Equal contributions


Prior to 2017 

L. Poirot, B. Philip, C. Schiffer-Mannioui, D. Le Clerre, I. Chion-Sotinel, S. Derniame, P. Potrel, C. Bas, L. Lemaire, R. Galetto, C. Lebuhotel, J. Eyquem, G.W.-K. Cheung, A. Duclert, A. Gouble, S. Arnould, K. Peggs, M. Pule, A.M. Scharenberg, J. Smith. Multiplex genome-edited T-cell manufacturing platform for “off-the-shelf” adoptive T-cell immunotherapies. Cancer Research 75, 3853–3864 (2015).


X. Duportet, L. Wroblewska, P. Guye, Y. Li, J. Eyquem, J. Rieders, T. Rimchala, G. Batt^, R. Weiss^. A platform for rapid prototyping of synthetic gene networks in mammalian cells. Nucleic Acids Research 42, 13440–13451 (2014). ^Co-corresponding authors


J. Eyquem, L. Poirot, R. Galetto, A.M. Scharenberg, J. Smith. Characterization of three loci for homologous gene targeting and transgene expression. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 110, 2225–2235 (2013).

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